Equion are experts at implementing and customising the Highcharts product that provides the functionality and flexibility to meet even the most demanding and complex charting requirements of the Financial Services industry.   

For example, Equion have delivered a major product for a leading independent equity research and broking firm and its clients are asset managers and hedge funds in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. This product lets clients see proprietary valuation data and carry out a range of activities with these valuations – making comparisons, diving deeper, creating their own ideas, and sharing them across their network.

Key features and functionality of Highcharts include:

Chart Types

Highcharts supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange and polar chart types. Equion have combined these in a variety of ways for example, multiple charts in one chart ROCE, WACC & EV/CE; Opportunity Value/EV & Continuing Value/EV.


It works in all modern mobile and desktop browsers including the iPhone/iPad and Internet Explorer from version 6. On iOS and Android, multitouch support provides a seamless user experience. Standard browsers use SVG for the graphics rendering.  


Through a full API you can add, remove and modify series and points or modify axes at any time after chart creation. Numerous events supply hooks for programming against the chart. In combination with jQuery, MooTools or Prototype's Ajax API, this opens for solutions like live charts constantly updating with values from the server, user supplied data and more.

Multiple Axes

Sometimes you want to compare variables that are not the same scale - for example temperature versus rainfall and air pressure. Highcharts lets you assign an y axis for each series - or an x axis if you want to compare data sets of different categories. Each axis can be placed to the right or left, top or bottom of the chart. All options can be set individually, including reversing, styling and position.


By zooming in on a chart you can examine an especially interesting part of the data more closely. Zooming can be in the X or Y dimension, or both.

Export and print

With the exporting module enabled, your users can export the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format at the click of a button, or print the chart directly from the web page.

External Data Loading

Highcharts takes the data in a JavaScript array, which can be defined in the local configuration object, in a separate file or even on a different site. Furthermore, the data can be handled over to Highcharts in any form, and a callback function used to parse the data into an array.

How Equion can help:

Equion can help you with your Highcharts requirements in the following ways:

  • Implementing, customising and configuring Highcharts to meet your requirements.
  • Development of custom plugins to meet your specific business needs. 
  • Providing Highcharts consultancy to meet your requirements.
  • Delivering coaching/training to your development team
  • Integrating Highcharts with your CMS.
  • Hosting Highcharts.



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