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JIRA7 - Three purpose built products, tailored for your business requirements

JIRA 7 has moved JIRA away from one monolithic product with lots of add-ons to three purpose built, standalone offerings to meet the business and technical requirements of organisations. In summary, the three JIRA 7 standalone offerings are: 1. JIRA Software is designed specifically for software teams, delivering best-in-class agile tooling, with [...] Read more

The Development of Sophisticated Search is Crucial

Delivering a high quality search capability on a company’s enterprise digital solution is a challenge for most firms. Users will come to your company’s website with a variety of expectations and opinions as to what constitutes good search. All will be familiar with Google search and other Internet search engines. As a result many firms have [...] Read more

A Short Guide to the Development of Enterprise Digital solutions

There comes a point in every company’s evolution when they have to review their enterprise technology and digital solutions to determine the best mix to meet their growth projections. This particularly the case in the financial markets where technological innovation is providing opportunities for firms. Some pioneering Equity Research firms are [...] Read more

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