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Equion create customised enterprise strength digital solutions that are visually engaging, intuitive to use, flexible, configurable, scalable, secure and robust. We draw on our expertise in business process analysis, user experience design, data visualisation, software engineering, application integration, workflow automation and enterprise search to create a place to find information and work in collaboration. 

Equion have been at the forefront of many of the digital innovations of the past 20 years delivering major, high profile projects to our clients.

Equion have successfully delivered many enterprise digital solutions in Banking & Finance, Investment & Equity Research, Legal, Oil & Gas, Services Sector, Government, Media & News organisations, the Third Sector in the UK, Europe and USA.

Below are a few of our project case studies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on any of our projects.

Equity Research – Modular Website Solution »

Innovation in Fintech especially around the financial markets, have provided opportunities for financial services firms. One example is the Equity Research market where some firms are employing innovative solutions to deliver their value added content directly to client. Many are incorporating state of the art visualisation and technology to display and distribute content.

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Atlassian - Autonomy Plug-in Enterprise Content Security »

A major international law firm requires that their global employees be able to securely search for and access only those documents and other information available on internal business systems for which they have authorisation.

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Mobile Emergency Response Team Management »

Operators of oil & gas exploration installations are required to have in place effective contingency plans for emergency situations. This involves the setting up of rotas of emergency response teams, for example, Emergency Response Coordinator, Logistics, HR and Site Contact (Drilling); their contact details and key work and safety information relating to activities being carried out at each installation.

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Identity Management / Single Sign On »

Capita plc comprises a group of over 80 highly diverse companies many of whom have their own IT business solutions. In addition, Capita are constantly acquiring new companies. Both existing and newly acquired businesses require access to important central IT applications and services.

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