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Innovation in Fintech especially around the financial markets, have provided opportunities for financial services firms. One example is the Equity Research market where some firms are employing innovative solutions to deliver their value added content directly to client. Many are incorporating state of the art visualisation and technology to display and distribute content.

As Research is often seen as a non-core to a bank’s or asset managers operations and is not subject to regulatory control, makes it easier to get the product installed into the banks or asset management firms.

Below is a case study of one of Equion’s Equity Research clients who recently launched their new product. The product is aimed at the global top 2,000 financial organisations and investors. Here’s what we did.

Business Challenge

A global equity research firm commissioned the building of a new website to meet current and future business requirements and expansion plans. Essentially, our client demanded the development of a website which would be the most advanced and functionally rich in the Equity Research space.

The current website supported approximately 1,800 live stocks and 250 visitors per week. The plan was to increase stocks to approximately 3,000 - 4,000 and increase number of clients using the service. At last count this was over 600, a huge jump considering it was only 4 months after launch.

The firm requested that the new website be designed to reflect a user-centred approach and incorporate best practices and standards and so should be flexible, configurable, scalable, robust, secure, fully supported and be as future proof as possible. A modular approach was taken to enable the expansion of new features and functionality.

The firm also requested that the website provide personal areas to research and develop investment ideas and also share those ideas with clients and colleagues.

They also required that the server infrastructure and software platform be enterprise strength, resilient and able to expand to accommodate growth from the initial implementation as more stocks, business sectors, functionality and new clients were added.

Finally the website was primarily a Search driven application. This is the main method of finding stocks. Users will enter a search term of a Stock, Stock Code, Region or other search criteria. The Search will list the correct search query result, which can then be selected, loaded and saved.

The project was broken down into phases in order to deliver business benefits quickly.


The key components making up the project were:

  • Full Product Design and build.
  • Integration with the leading content management system dotCMS.
  • Development of high performance enterprise strength relational database architecture to meet current and future requirements with resilience and failover capabilities.
  • Development of sophisticated Search functionality.
  • High quality printing of pages, individual charts and graphs for each selected stock, and aggregated stock data.
  • Support for iPad and the main Android tablets.
  • Graphs and Charts delivered through the implementation, customisation and configuration of the HighCharts product.
  • Develop the functionality to provide personal areas and provide the ability to share these investment ideas with clients and colleagues.
  • Development of an API Layer to sit between HighCharts and the database to enable the data to be accessed and displayed quickly.
  • User Login Data held on the dotCMS platform and with data synchronisation between dotCMS and the client’s CRM.
  • Initial analysis and reporting implemented was simple but the requirement is for a more sophisticated reporting, analysis and report generation capability.
  • Development of workflows to enable the internal client team to add, delete and edit website information.
  • High performance, enterprise strength production environment with load balancing and resilience, comprising of high specification two node cluster with two mirrored database servers. This strategy will enable growth as required.
  • User migration and launch strategy to ensure the smooth transition from the current website to the new.
  • Operational Support – Fully supported operationally.

Business Benefits

Benefits delivered by this successful project include:

  • Delivery of the most advanced Equity Reasearch website in the market. 
  • Greatly improved client reach as more users can access the website concurrently.
  • Future proof modular strategy allows the firm to react to market developments more quickly.
  • Customer centric approach provides a much better user experience including improved performance, quicker delivery and display of charts and more sophisticated search capability.
  • Direct access to more clients and control over the client relationship. Unlike the vendor information model (e.g. Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg) where the vendor owns the relationship with user of your research.
  • A greatly improved level of resilience.

In addition to expertise in Website design and implementation, Equion Consulting also offers extensive professional services to ensure successful deployment, integration, operational support and training.

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