Atlassian (Confluence) - Autonomy (IDOL) Plug-in Enterprise Content Security Connector

Business Challenge

A major international law firm requires that their global employees be able to securely search for and access only those documents and other information available on internal business systems for which they have authorisation.

The law firm have implemented Atlassian’s Confluence as their enterprise wide collaboration platform; Autonomy’s IDOL search as the organisation’s enterprise search engine and have employed Active Directory for enterprise wide authentication using a custom Single Sign On application.

The law firm have a number of content repositories which they require their employees to be able to search across from their central Universal Search application. Content types to be searched include Confluence pages, documents in a number of formats (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF formats), blog posts, news articles, emails and attachments.

There were significant problems when searching Confluence using Autonomy as there was only adherence to Page-level viewing restrictions. Space-level permissions were being ignored, thus rendering the majority of the content within Confluence as unsearchable due to the Active Directory security permissions being applied.

A secondary issue also existed around frequency of content refresh. The law firm required that indexing content should happen often enough to keep security up-to-date, but not too frequently to ensure that infrastructure resources were within an acceptable limit.


To meet this business challenge, Equion Consulting have developed a Security Connector which integrates Atlassian’s Confluence and Autonomy’s IDOL Search engine using Active Directory authentication (note, the Connector also works with LDAP). The connector takes the form of a custom Confluence plug-in, which:

  • Extracts all indexable content within Confluence.
  • Maintains the correct access (security) rights.
  • Sends the content to be indexed by IDOL in real-time.

Confluence content can then be securely searched immediately using Autonomy’s powerful search capabilities.

Business Benefits

Benefits delivered by this successful project include:

  • Greatly improved productivity as employees are able to find the documents they need quickly.
  • Enables all content to be searched including Confluence pages, documents (including Word, Excel and PDFs), blog posts, news articles, emails and attachments by Autonomy IDOL search.
  • The correct access rights (security) are maintained, ensuring that individuals are only able to see those Confluence pages, documents, emails and attachments for which they have authorisation.
  • New content is indexed by Autonomy’s IDOL in real-time and is therefore immediately available.
  • A greatly improved level of resilience has been implemented.
  • The solution requires no manual intervention unless a full re-index of content is required.

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