Identity Management / Single Sign On

Business Challenge

Capita plc comprises a group of over 80 highly diverse companies many of whom have their own IT business solutions. In addition, Capita are constantly acquiring new companies. Both existing and newly acquired businesses require access to important central IT applications and services.

Capita’s Group Sales team provide a number of important business applications and services to all of the organisations within the Group. These include Microsoft’s SharePoint, Atlassian’s Confluence wiki product, databases of important information and social networking products such as Tibbr and more.

Capita’s Group Sales team had the challenge of having to manage and provide services to new, ever growing and constantly changing groups of users.

Capita Group Sales asked Equion to select and implement an Identity Management/Single Sign On solution as a key strategic initiative to support current business requirements and future business growth. The solution had to be built to industry standards, using the permission levels set up in Active Directory; allowing easy addition of newly acquired businesses; business applications and seamless increase in new users.


Equion selected, implemented and delivered and enterprise strength solution with resilience to meet the business’s requirements. Delivering enterprise strength SSO capability with the flexibility, scalability, configurability, robustness and security to meet Capita Group’s fast moving immediate and long term requirements.

Business Benefits

Benefits delivered by this successful project include:

  • Fast implementation and easy to deploy with business benefits quickly achieved.
  • Delivered in a small number of months rather than years.
  • Greatly reduced costs of implementation and delivery compared with other solutions.
  • Support/Help Desk work load greatly reduced when dealing with password issues.
  • Easy to scale to meet growing business requirements.
  • Overall business efficiency savings resulting is significant improvements in productivity.
  • Fully supported application.
  • Fully complied with Security Team’s requirements

Further Information

In addition to expertise in Enterprise Search, enterprise-class Digital projects (websites intranets & extranets), Equion Consulting also offers professional technical services to ensure successful project deployment, integration, operational support and training.

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