Mobile Emergency Response Team Management

Business Challenge

Operators of oil & gas exploration installations are required to have in place effective contingency plans for emergency situations. This involves the setting up of rotas of emergency response teams, for example, Emergency Response Coordinator, Logistics, HR and Site Contact (Drilling); their contact details and key work and safety information relating to activities being carried out at each installation.

An international oil & gas exploration company had implemented a manual process to manage Emergency Response Teams across the globe and the distribution of information to those teams. This manual process involved setting up of rotas with key individuals contact information for each business region, for example, in the UK, Norway and South East Asia together with key information relating to each country or region.

These schedules and important work and safety information were collected, organised into rotas, printed and then distributed on a weekly basis. The main emergency responder at each location, then carried a “wallet” containing all of this information in paper format. The process was slow, labour intensive, lacking the necessary flexibility and agility in the event of an emergency.


The advent of smart phone and tablet technology, for example, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad provided the opportunity to automate the management and distribution of these schedules and safety information, eliminating the need for a manual processes.

To meet this business challenge, Equion developed a smart phone business solution which enables information to be gathered, rotas to be set up, managed and distributed to Emergency Response Teams from a computer in any location in the world. The Emergency Response Teams are then able to access this key information, on their smart phones, in real time and are able to contact by phone or email the team members. Updates and other important information can be appended as circumstances change in real-time.

Business Benefits

Benefits delivered by this successful project include:

  • Information can be updated and distributed, in real-time to the Emergency Response Team members.
  • Notifications and updates can be instantly distributed as circumstances change.
  • No longer required to be managed centrally. Each country or region can be responsible for their own schedules and information updates.
  • Great costs saving and time savings through the removal of manual processes.


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