Equion can provide the levels of  Atlassian Support to meet your organisations business requirements. Support must be considered early in the project’s life-cycle to ensure that the process from project development and launch through to the operational phase is seamless.

The quality of support delivered by any organisation can be judged on two levels.

  • Firstly, quality of overall service.
  • Secondly, how quickly the problem is resolved when an issue occurs.

Equion's Support includes:

  • Team Continuity – Equion will assign a Team who will be in place for the long term. The core Support Team will be the same people who built the system and will therefore know the IDEAS environment in detail and will build strong relationships with your team.
  • Support Telephone – A support telephone number which can be called for urgent problems.
  • JIRA Support Portal – A specific support account will be set up for your organisation on the Equion JIRA Support Portal. When your team logs an issue, everyone in the Equion Support Team will be immediately notified and Equion will start working to resolve the issue.
  • Development/QA Environments - A key component of any support environment are the associated Development and QA environments. If Equion build and implement your environment, we will maintain those environments for the durtaion of our relationship to enable the recreation, fixing and testing of bugs and other problems, before applying the solutions to your Production environment., 
  • Service Level Agreement – Development of Support and Maintenance contract (Service Level Agreement).
  • Trusted Adviser - As part of our support service, Equion's experts act as trusted advisers to all of our clients.

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