Custom Services

Equion Experts offer a full range services for all of Atlassians products including:

Installation & Configuration:

  • Correct and optimal installation of a product is essentail to ensure full benefits are realised and user frustration is minimised. Equion will Implement and Configure your Atlassian product to meet your organisations specific requirements.
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Product Upgrades:

  • Atlassian product functionality are continually being enhanced. To ensure that your users have access to the latest collaboration tools, your Atlassian products need to be upgraded on a regular basis. Equion are experts at upgrading all Atlassian products to the latest version - even product versions which have not been supported for many years.  
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Theme Design & Implementation:

Equion design and implement a high quality themes for your Atlassian product that: 

  • Delivers a rich user experience.
  • Provides a theme with an intuitive ‘look & feel’, good usability, information architecture and accessibility.
  • Delivers simple, flexible searching and navigation. Enabling people to find information according to their business area; the role they perform; the sectors or areas they might be interested in or groups they to which they might belong.
  • Makes greater usage of the available information and data.
  • Presents content and data as simply and effectively as possible.
  • Integrates where possible, with other relevant content and data.
  • Makes information easy to search/find and results more relevant.
  • Enabling user input.
  • Integrates with other current and new data sources
  • Enables tracking behaviour and knowledge capture.
  • Provides a model of how a business can extract, manage and utilise data in the future.
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Custom Plugin & Macro Development:

Equion are expert at developing custom plugins, for Atlassian products, to provide the capability your business needs for competitive business advantage.

Equion have built many simple and complex plugins for major organisations, and many organisation use our commercially available plugins across the world. 

Examples of some of the many custom plugins we have developed can be viewed here.

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Systems Integration:

Equion are experts at integrating Atlassian products with other third party applications from leading providers such as Microsoft and Autonomy, as well as integrating with custom applications. 

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Custom Search Solutions:

Equion are experts at developing highly sophisticated Custom Search Solutions to meet specific business requirements, for example, Marketing, Sales & Bid Management teams, IT teams and Equity teams. 

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Hosting of Atlassian Products:

Equion Experts provide a full hosting services to major organisations including large clustered implementations with database failover in a highly secure environment.

We can meet your organisations hosting requirements whether you require:

  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Virtual server hosting 
  • Cloud hosting
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Equion Experts provide high quality Atlassian Support to meet your organisations business requirements. Equion's Support to leading organisations includes:

  • Team Continuity – Equion will assign a Team who will be in place for the long term. The core Support Team will be the same people who built the system and will therefore know the IDEAS environment in detail and will build strong relationships with your team.
  • Support Telephone – A support telephone number which can be called for urgent problems.
  • JIRA Support Portal – A specific support account will be set up for your organisation on the Equion JIRA Support Portal.
  • Development/QA Environments - A key component of any support environment are the associated Development and QA environments. If Equion build and implement your environment, we will maintain those environments for the durtaion of our relationship to enable the recreation, fixing and testing of bugs and other problems, before applying the solutions to your Production environment.,
  • Service Level Agreement – Development of Support and Maintenance contract (Service Level Agreement).
  • Trusted Adviser - As part of our support service, Equion's experts act as trusted advisers to all of our clients. 


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